Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic Listening

Developed by Occupational Therapists at Vital Links, Therapeutic Listening is a tool for treating people of all ages who have difficulty with processing sensory information, listening, attending, and communicating.

Therapeutic Listening has been successfully used at Pathways Therapy to address:

•     Increased Focus and Attention
•     Greater Tolerance to Noise (esp low frequency sounds like vacuum and blender, but also crowded noisy environments like restaurants, school hallways etc.)
•     Improved Sleep
•     Less Anxiety
•     Better Moods
•     Fewer Tantrums

How Does It Work?
High quality music, recorded specifically for Therapeutic Listening, is altered to exaggerate the sounds that naturally capture attention and tap into the parts of the brain involved in regulating bodily functions, relating to others, and organizing behaviour. Since the auditory system has connections to many parts of the brain, sound is a powerful way to access the nervous system and affect changes on many levels.

While a client is listening to the music they are participating in a variety of movement activities designed to build their body sense, support core musculature / better breathing, and stretch their ability to plan and generate an adaptive response.  An adaptive response is defined as planned, self generated, goal-oriented behaviour.  In this way they are ‘stretching’ their ability to organize and interpret sound information while organizing a response at the same time with their bodies in a developmentally appropriate activity.

Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic Listening is a ‘work out’ for the ears and auditory cortex, building better and stronger pathways for auditory processing.  It also helps the child develop divided attention and inhibition of their instinct to redirect their attention to every novel auditory cue in their environment.  The rhythmic and highly novel music is very calming and organizing to children and the rhythmicity helps the child develop their own internal sense of timing, a foundation skill for coordination.

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