Functional Rehabilitation Groups

Functional Rehab Groups

Our Functional Rehabilitation Group program is designed to engage individuals with mobility impairments (due to aging or neurological injury) to actively participate in an exercise program to improve or maintain their level of functioning. Our Registered Kinesiologists have developed the program based on the need for individualized rehabilitation, socialization and increased physical activity.


Our small Functional Rehabilitation Group model involves a closely supervised exercise program focusing on strength, range of motion, balance and cardiovascular fitness.

What makes our group model unique:

  • Small group model: 1 kinesiologist for every 1-2 clients.
  • Circuit training design allows for more program individualization.
  • Participants interact with each other during functional group activities that challenge and develop strength and balance.
  • Kinesiologists assist clients in maintaining proper body alignment and movement patterns while participating in the program.
  • Clients have monitored use of cardio equipment to improve endurance.
  • Physiotherapy consultation and treatment is available if needed.

The group currently runs two afternoons per week.

Some individuals may require physician approval before participating.

Please contact Pathways Therapy for additional information regarding our Functional Rehabilitation Groups.