Canine Assisted Therapy

Tucker Sitting

Our therapy dog Tucker is a proud graduate of National Service Dogs, and he has become a welcome part of our Pathways Therapy team.

Tucker has been fitted with a special harness that allows him to assist clients with walking. Tucker assists clients by providing assistance Tuckerwith balance, as well as walking rhythm and speed. Tucker is used with our clients who are able to walk, but need minimal support with balance and speed of walking. Clients do not weight bear directly through the harness.

We are very excited to have Tucker as part of our team and the opportunities he provides for our clients. Tucker’s training at National Service Dogs was similar to dogs who go through service training programs for clients with autism or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). One of Tucker’s primary roles for the client is to provide comfort and de-medicalize the clinical environment. He has provided an opportunity for our team to explore the benefits of animal relationships in therapy.

Tucker is also used within functional programs with clients where he can assist in reaching goals. He provides motivation to clients in their exercise programming.

Tucker in Harness

Tucker is particularly motivating with our paediatric and geriatric clients, but everyone at Pathways Therapy benefits from Tucker’s presence and his happy personality.

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