Additional Therapy Programs

At Pathways Therapy we have additional programs that our clients can benefit from.

Equine Assisted Therapy: A physiotherapy treatment strategy using the horse Equine Therapy
as a dynamic platform to address issues of strength, range of motion, balance and the restoration of walking. Equine Assisted Therapy is not the same as therapeutic riding lessons, riding the horse as a physiotherapy treatment facilitates rhythmic stepping at a normal walking speed in the client. Exercise programming is also provided while mounted on the horse as part of physiotherapy treatment.

Sensory Integration Therapy: An area of occupational therapy for children who are over or under sensitive to their environment. Sensory Integration Therapy takes place in a specially designed room in our facility, which is filled with equipment designed to stimulate and challenge the senses. We also have a platform swing and trampoline to improve coordination and balance, weights and other equipment designed specifically for use by children.

Therapeutic Listening: A tool for treating people of all ages who have difficulty processing sensory information, listening, attending, and communicating. Music is altered to exaggerate the sounds that naturally tap into the parts of the brain involved in regulating bodily functions, relating to others, and organizing behaviour. Sound is a powerful way to access the nervous system, and clients participate in a variety of movement activities during therapeutic listening.

Community Based Therapy: The professionals at Pathways Therapy are able to provide treatment in the community for clients who are not able to access their clinic, or when it better suits the client’s needs. Treatment may be provided in a wide variety of settings including: home, school, long-term care facility, pool, gym, hospital, work place or park.

Functional Rehabilitation GroupsFunctional Rehab Groups: Our Registered Kinesiologists have developed this program based on the need for individualized rehabilitation, socialization and increased physical activity. This program is designed to engage individuals with mobility impairment (due to aging or neurological injury) to actively participate in an exercise program to improve or maintain their level of functioning.

MyndMovePathways Therapy is pleased to offer MyndMove Functional Electrical Stimulation treatment. This is a form of functional electrical stimulation therapy for the treatment of a paretic upper limb following a stroke, acquired brain injury or spinal cord injury. The MyndMove system is able to coordinate and sequence the stimulation pattern to produce functional movements such as forward reaching, grasping a cup or pen or a combination of reaching and grasping.

Vestibular Rehabilitation: An exercise-based treatment path to promote central nervous system compensation for inner ear dysfunctions. The goal of VR treatment paths is to retrain the brain to recognize and process signals from the vestibular system in coordination with vision, muscles and joints.

Concussion Management: A physiotherapy assessment following a concussion can be helpful to assess the client’s impairments including a full review of symptoms, vision screening, balance and coordination testing. Treatment for concussion can include education and recommendations regarding physical and cognitive rest and how to appropriate return to daily activities.   Exercises programs may be developed well as treatment to improve issues such  as vision, balance and coordination.

Canine Assisted TherapyTucker, a graduate of National Service Dogs, is fitted with a special harness that allows him to assist clients who need minimal walking support. Tucker provides assistance with balance, as well as walking rhythm and speed. He is also used within functional programs with clients where he can assist in reaching goals. Tucker provides motivation to clients in their exercise programming and de-medicalizes the clinical environment.

Please contact Pathways Therapy for additional information regarding our Additional Programs.