Summer Programs 2017

Summer is a wonderful time to give your child a boost in a more intensive (and fun) way.  For any of the groups below, please contact for more info, or to let us know which weeks might work for you.  We will pull together similar kids to run these groups, which ensures a positive experience for everyone!


Kids In Balance Group!

KIDS IN BALANCE, A Self-regulation Group Program

week TBA 1 hour/day  OT:Tara Embrey         ages 5-8  or ages 9 – 13            $325

This is a fantastic week, packed with ideas for both parents and children working towards better emotional regulation.  The group will involve 3 child sessions and 2 parent sessions. Week to be determined based on the families considering this program.  This is a great program for both kids who have worked on some of these concepts individually and also for kids new to these concepts.  Please email Sue if this program interests you.





Printing Intensive

Weeks TBA 1hour/day       All ages and stages             $325
This group is for all ages that are looking to work on lower case letter formation, letter sizing, and spacing — key aspects of print legibility. We will bring out our favourite letter formation activities, including metronome, letter pieces, therapy putty, white boards, blind folds, terrarium, weights, etc… We plan to use volunteers to have 1:1 during this group so the kids can rotate through stations during the hour and work at their level on either printed letters or cursive letters, under the supervision of an experienced Occupational Therapist.  Individual goals can be set for your child if they have been seen by one of our OTs individually prior to this group.  Please contact Sue if you are interested in this group.  We will do our best to match kids by age and stage for maximum positive connection in this group.  The week will be based on children’s availability.
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Typing Boost Program

All ages and stages               $65/hour “OT group treatment”
This group runs once a week (usually every Wednesday) all summer for 1 hour in the early evening.  An exact time will be found that works among the interested families.  Children can miss any 2 weeks of the 8 summer weeks (billed for 6 weeks). Typing instruction is individualized to your child’s level, but the group just makes it more fun!  Mastery of touch typing requires ongoing practice, even if your kid has done a program but could benefit from a refresher, this could work for you.  Touch typing ability is an incredible gift you can provide for your child’s future!
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Ready Camp!

9:30 – 11:30 am Aug 28 – Sept 1  OT:Monica Grenzer    3.5-6yrs    $487.50
Join a very small group to work on back-to-school skills with Monica Grenzer!  One individual goal (parent suggested) can be incorporated for each child for this therapy intensive.  The morning will include group instruction, individualized printing work, snack, outside recess skills, as well as lots of sensory fun!  This is a popular camp that fills fast.  If we get enough interest we will open up a second week (Aug 21 – Aug 25)  We aim for a ratio in this group of 1:1 (using 3 volunteers).  Take advantage of this opportunity to develop school strategies as suggested by this very experienced school care therapist.  Contact Sue to sign up.
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Ready camp – Speech and Language!

Heather Taylor, Speech Assistant,  1 hr/day, week TBD   $300

Set your child up for success in Kindergarten/grade 1 and beyond.  This group will focus on improving the building blocks for literacy and writing:  phonemic awareness, sound-symbol, and stories.  This group will pull together multiple kids which makes learning fun!  In addition to the literacy goals, one individual ‘other’ speech or language goal can be chosen for each child to be incorporated into the group (must be set by the Speech Pathologist and parent), such as some work on pronouncing one letter or learning specific vocabulary words.  Give your child a little academic boost over the summer, in this speech-language intensive program!