Pathways Therapy is passionate about helping clients who are suffering from a neurological illness or injury. We treat clients with all types of neurological conditions. We treat clients who have suffered acquired brain injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident, stroke patients, spinal cord injury, concussion, and neurological illness such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons and other neurological diagnoses.

Neurology is a primary focus of our practice and our staff have many years of experience in this area of care. We have participated in extensive post graduate education to continue to expand our skills.

RehabilitationIndividuals with neurological problems can experience a wide range of problems including difficulties with movement, postural control, balance, sensation and vision. These impairments can impact on the individual’s mobility (walking, stair climbing, sports etc) and their ability to complete their daily functional activities.

Our intervention starts with a thorough assessment to identify impairments and functional challenges. Following the assessment a therapist will explain the findings and work with the client to develop an individualized treatment plan.

We understand that treatment needs to aim to restore normal movement and that the goal of treatment is to progress to function at home and in the community.

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