About Us

Pathways Therapy was founded in ­­1996 by Tania Campbell and Stephanie Boyd (initially called Active Home Rehab). After working in hospital settings, Tania and Stephanie founded their own private practice with the goal of providing high quality therapy services.  Services were initially offered in the community.  In 2002 we opened our clinic at 745 Bridge Street West in Waterloo.   In 2015  we expanded the size of our current clinic to be able to better service our clients.

Our Pathways Therapy team includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, a speech language pathologist, massage therapist and kinesiologists.  At Pathways Therapy our focus is on  neurological rehabilitation, paediatrics, vestibular rehabilitation, concussion management, and orthopedic conditions.  We also offering some special programs such as canine assisted therapy with Tucker from National Service Dogs, an equine assisted therapy program and groups for adults and kids.

With recent renovations done to our 3400 square foot facility, Pathways Therapy is better able to serve their clients. An example is the sensory gym that was built with kids in mind because the therapists at Pathways Therapy understand the special therapeutic needs of children. The physio gym was enlarged as well to accommodate additional Cardio Training equipment and parallel bars.


  • Physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy is a regulated health profession dedicated to improving quality of life by maximizing an individuals physical functioning. Physiotherapists assess and treat physical impairments.

  • Occupational Therapy:

Occupational therapy is a regulated health profession dedicated to helping people who are experiencing a significant disruption in routine day-to-day activities due to injury, illness or disability. Ours is a client-centered practice aimed at improving a person’s ability to look after themselves, enjoy life and contribute to the social and economic fabric of their homes and communities.

  • Speech Language Pathology

Speech-language pathology is a field of expertise practiced by a clinician who work to prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders. Pathways Therapy Speech Language Pathology Services are focused on children.

  • Massage Therapy:

Massage Therapy is a regulated health profession dedicated to optimizing the client’s health. Registered massage therapists have extensive knowledge of anatomy, and expertise in assessment and treatment using massage. Massage Therapy can prevent or relieve physical ailments, pain and stress.

  • Kinesiology:

Kinesiology is a Regulated Health Profession with expertise in human movement and exercise prescription.