Pathways welcomes Sadaf Haider and Heather Taylor to our Speech and Language Team!

Pathways Therapy is very happy to announce that Sadaf Haider and Heather Taylor are both now on our Speech and Language Team!  They join Melanie Gravel in offering services to children to work on their speech or language goals.

Sadaf is a registered Speech Language Pathologist.  She has experience providing help to kids with a variety of needs, from articulation to language, to fluency and social communication.  Sadaf has some certification training in helping parents help their children:  It Takes Two to Talk (R) and More than Words (R).

Heather is a highly experienced communicative disorders assistant.  Heather can follow a program set up by Sadaf or Melanie to deliver therapy to your child at a reduced cost related to working regularly with a Speech Language Pathologist.  Heather provides progress reporting to Sadaf or Melanie who can update the program for you.  It works well to move children forward in their goals!

If you suspect that your child might be struggling in an area of speech and/or language and would like some clarity around what is heppening for your child, we strongly recommend you consider a speech assessment.

A Speech Language Pathologist is a professional who works with kids to determine if they are having more difficulty with speech or language than is expected at their age. A speech assessment can help determine if your child is experiencing speech and language issues such as:

  • Pronouncing words
  • Understanding spoken language
  • Organizing and formulating spoken language
  • Organizing and formulating written language (If your child is struggling in school, this is an important piece to consider)
  • Speaking fluently (getting words out with appropriate speed and pace, such as help with stuttering)
  • Early literacy, understanding how sounds combine to make words

Please contact Pathways Therapy for additional information regarding Speech and Language Therapy or to book an appointment with one of our Speech Language Pathologists, Sadaf Haider or Melanie Gravel.



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