Read about our Community Garden Project this Summer.

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Pathways welcomes Melanie Gravel, Speech Language Pathologist.

Pathways Therapy is very happy to announce that Melanie Gravel, Speech Language Pathologist, has joined our team. She is offering private sessions on evenings and weekends. Melanie has a lot of experience helping kids who have difficulty articulating their words, those who have fluency disorders and those who have difficulties with complex language. Melanie completed her […]



There is a range of therapies available that includes the use of animals. It sounds appealing, but you may be wondering how it works in practise. Hippotherapy uses horses to help individuals improve balance, posture, mobility, mobility and motor function. It’s not new. Hippocrates wrote a chapter on riding as a form of therapy centuries […]


Our Community Garden Project

This summer we are running a Thursday afternoon gardening club for free at the farm. It’s a place for our clients to come and care for a garden and build community. We plan to have a pot luck party at harvest time. Come enjoy some sunshine, fun and community on the farm with Tucker and […]